ABOUT: I'm drawn to movement for its ability to be therapeutic. As a lifelong athlete and adrenaline junkie, I like to go fast. But as someone who has suffered numerous injuries, I also understand that moving fast ALL the time is not sustainable. Injuries forced me to slow down, create balance, and learn how to move again. I discovered learning how to move well is a prerequisite for moving fast. As a teacher, my goal is to help students build a practice that creates a sense of freedom from moving intelligently, fluidly, and dynamically.

EXPERIENCE: I have a background in D1 NCAA Athletics where I learned a ton about strength and conditioning. From there I began teaching specific Yoga for Athletes classes with Jasyoga, the first Yoga for Athletes company on the West coast, at the University of Washington. In addition to teaching yoga, I completed a 2-year internship training with Physical Therapists from Experience Momentum on advanced biomechanics, injury prevention principles, and performance outcomes. I gained in depth knowledge of anatomy, common injuries, and how to empower clients to take their health into their own hands. 



RYT-200, Yoga Tree SF

Yoga for Athletes CE, Jasyoga

Smartasana CE, Motive Yoga Co.